About MRSchool

Largest web tutorials based on Nepalese Curriculm

What is MRSchool?

MRschool is a online site developed for those people who want to learn online with the textbooks, tutorials and exams, etc. on web.

MRschool is designed by Rabin K. Kalikote but there is gerat effort of all members of Computer Club at SSBS, Nepal to create MRschool.

Easy Learning

MRschool has focus on simplicity.

MRschool practice easy and straight-forward learning.

MRschool uses school's textbook explanations with eatra neumeros practice books.

MRschool' tutorials start from Primary School and move all the way up to Secondary School.

MRschool is Free

MRschool is, and will always be, a completely free resource for all the students, teachers and parents.

You Can Help

Many people are working very hard to make MRschool interesting, useful, and correct.

If you find an error, or a broken link, please tell us about it.

Use the link "REPORT ERROR" at the bottom of each page.

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